RODENT KILLERS (RK) services all five (5) boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Rockland counties, and northern New Jersey.

RK services restaurants, stores, office and
resident buildings, religious, and other institutions.

"At RK, safety is our first concern. We believe that every building, including its apartments, basements, commercial areas, and grounds, can be made rodent-free."

RK has elevated and revolutionized the pest control industry standard Integrated Pest Management (IPM) offering a Six (6) Months Liminted Written  Guarantee on our RAT & MICE ELIMINATION PROGRAM.

In 1987, KOJO'S PEST ELIMINATION COMPANY LLC (affiliated with RODENT KILLERS) upgraded and innovated Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into Integrated Pest Elimination Services (IPES) by offering a Six (6) Month Limited Written Guarantee on rodent elimination (both mice and rats) programs.

In a complete accordance to address all recommendations of the physical environment given by RK, the goal for a rodent-free living can be achieved. RK will address issues with in the six (6) months of initial treatment. 


Where pest control is used as the pest industry standard through IPM to pacify rodents as its goal, RK developed INTEGRATED PEST ELIMINATION SERVICES (IPES) where the goal is 0% rodent population or complete rodent eradication. RK examines the strengths and weaknesses of the IPM systems and procedures required to eradicate rodents. RK functions as small game hunters while organizing the pursuit of rodent as Special Forces. Once every rodent is killed either within an apartment, private house, building, and/or grounds, new rodents must be introduced from an outside source.

RK offers a Six (6) Months Written Limited Guarantee on
Rat and Mice Elimination Program