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At Rodent Killers (RK), safety is our first concern. We believe that every building, including apartments and basements, can be made rodent-free.

RK is a Bronx based, privately owned business that services, the 5 boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland counties and northern New Jersey.

We are a New York City and New York State Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a New York State Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE).

We take pride in our level of personal, yet professional, customer service.

In 1987, KOJOS upgraded and innovated standard Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into Integrated Elimination Systems (IES) by offering six (6) months written guarantees on rodent elimination (both mice and rats) programs.

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December 11, 2015, New York, NY – The New York Metro area including Northern New Jersey seem powerless to halt the onslaught of rats and mice. They suffer regularly from the sight of rats within their homes, on the streets and in the subways. Finding mice droppings in kitchens and other areas drive many people toward anxiety and depression.

Mice and Rats

They have a long history of co-habitation with humans and both can live within the same dwelling.


Due to the ability of mice to adopt t their environments, mice can live in ovens and stoves surviving the heat when people cook with these appliances by using the insulation found as nesting material. They also can regulate the length of their fur. If the environment becomes too cool, they can thicken their fur and if it becomes too hot, they can thin it out. Mice also have the survival ability to extract water from the food they eat.



In China and India rat are held rats in “high esteem.” In China, there is the year of the Rat that re-appears every twelve (12) months.


In India, there is a shrine dedicated to Rats. They are found climbing on the outsides of buildings past the 6th floor. In an experiment, scientists place a rat in water and it took over 36 hours before it drowned.

These factors mentioned make eliminating rats and mice extremely difficult for most home owners, apartment dwellers and businesses once they have them.

The dilemma of ridding rats and mice is two-fold; first, with a climate of safer chemicals and non-chemical application, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency removed the most dangerous one due to misuse. Second, New York State Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Pesticide suggested that the term, “pest control” should be used instead of, “exterminating.”

These moves force the consumer to drop their expectations and accept an inferior service. Control of anything doesn’t solve problems.

Mice and Super Rats Finally Meet Their Match

By Kamau Austin
Rodent Killer CEO Nana Kojo Ayesu

January 15th 2015, New York, New York – The New York Metro area including North Jersey, is the perfect breeding ground for many kinds of vermin and household pests chief among them rodents.  Mice and the larger rodent rats have a major concern for many New Yorkers and other urban dwellers because they carry disease and are unnerving to look at for most people. Mice and rats have been undesired co-habitants of living spaces with humans since time immemorial. This is because according to rodent elimination experts both species of rodents are very resilient to human efforts to kill them off.

Mice and Rats can co-habit the same location.  “Mice can live in ovens and stoves and survive the heat when people cook with these appliances. Mice can live safely in the insulation of ovens and stoves.  They also shed their fur and can go without water for weeks.  Moreover they can extract water from their food” according to rodent elimination expert Nana Kojo Ayesa.

“This makes getting rid of mice very difficult for most home owners and apartment dwellers once they have them” adds Kojo. He is also the owner of Kojo Pest Elimination Company LLC, in the Bronx, New York.

Rats are even more troubling and bothersome for most New Yorkers. While mice will usually scurry and hide from humans, rats have been known to be a lot less fearful of people. Rats according to some eye witness reports have been known to stubbornly stay in the path of people and occasionally even make physical contact with them. Most rats living in northern urban centers like New York City, are descendants of Norway rats.

Norway Rats have naturally evolved in the hostile New York metro area environment to be more resourceful and resilient because people living there have often used aggressive tactics to try to stamp them out.

These descendants have developed immunities to traditional rat poison and are too smart to be trapped in rat traps with prior usage.  In short rats in the Metro New York region are referred to as Super Rats because of their heighted strength, intelligence, and immunity to many poisons. These larger, stronger, and more intelligent super rats are a source of anxiety, concern, and even angst by many New Yorkers. Nana Kojo (Nana is a West African title of respect) says “mice and rats can live in the same house. And usually when rats encounter mice they eat them.”

“Despite the resourcefulness and the resilience of today’s urban mice and super rats both species can be eradicated from a household with a multifaceted approach” insists Kojo. So confident of his abilities Nana Kojo Ayesa, uniquely gives guarantees to clients to rid their homes, apartments, and real estate from pesky rodents.

To contact Rodent Killers call 718-861-5656 or visit on the web at www.kojopest.com.

Super Rats Again Take NYC by Storm

By Kamau Austin

January 15th 2015, Bronx, New York – Hurricane Sandy, in Fall 2012 not only caused a great deal of property damage, totaling in the millions, it also displaced a large number of Super Rats which were driven from flooded subways.  These resilient rodents can evoke a lot of angst and anxiety for even the toughest New Yorkers.

 The Super Rat is the contemporary descendant of Norway Rats that grew to become an entrenched inhabitant of New York and other urban cities.  These descendants of Norway Rats evolved to build immunity to traditional rat poisons of various types.

Furthermore, Super Rats became too smart to be caught in rat traps and are too powerful to be caught in glue traps.  “When female rats see or smell dead rats in rat traps somehow they convey to their offspring to avoid these traps” says Nana Kojo Ayesu, a well respected rodent elimination expert. Kojo has the unique distinction in the pest control industry for giving written guarantees to eliminate rats and other rodents.  He is also the owner of Rodent Killers, a rodent elimination company in the Bronx, New York.

Recently, due to the displacement of super rats pushed above ground from subway and other subterrain dwellings by floods associated with Hurricane Sandy, many home owners in NYC are being ravaged by these resilient rodents.  “Rats are very resourceful and resilient by nature.  These powerful rodents can tread water for 3 days without drowning” purports Kojo.

Some experts are concerned that with global warming, and the increase in tropical storms impacting the Northeast, the reemergence of Super Rats is bound to happen. “Although we are seeing a resurfacing of Super rats not seen since the 1980’s people in the Metro New York City need not live in fear” posits Nana Kojo Ayesa. Ayesu feels “various strategies can be employed to stop the pests from infesting your home or apartment.”

New York City may be taken by storm from Super rats. However, a rodent expert like Nana Kojo Ayesu gives New Yorkers a sense of calm before and after the storm by eliminating today’s super rats. To contact Rodent Killers, call 718-861-5656 or visit on the web at www.kojopest.com.