Eliminate Mice

Mice Program is comprehensively designed to produce a genocidal affect, 0% population in one (1) application. 

This program takes advantage of a number of factors that encompasses mice culture, habits, rodenticides, chemicals, physical trapping devices, and renovation of physical environment and human behavior that contribute to the mice population.

Mouse Coming Out of Hiding Within Stove
Through the use of several procedures that are uniquely targeted to eradicate mice, not merely control their population. The procedure to rid mice takes into account all relevant factors, including the inspection of entire buildings, apartments, hallways, and grounds for any holes found and the applications of rodenticide dust and/or bait stations with rodenticide with special lures made of foodstuffs are used to bring mice to their doom. 
After the professional services are applied, the holes found are professionally sealed. 

Within two (2) weeks to one (1) month the mice are killed, thus eliminating the need for constant re-treatment.

With our methods, mice are unaware of the process killing them.


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