Eliminate Rats

Rat Damage to Plastic
RAT PROGRAM  uses  a  holistic  approach  that   is  uniquely targeted to eradicate rats, not merely control their population. The procedure takes into account into account all relevant factors: rat culture, behavior, desires, habits, rodenticides and other chemicals, physical trapping devices, renovations of the physical environment and human behavior that contributes to the rat population.

RAT PROGRAM will inspect each location, including grounds for openings. After the inspection of interior and exterior surfaces is performed, where holes are found, they are professionally serviced with rodenticide and, professional and permanently sealed.

Through   the   use  of  chemicals,   physical   trapping devices, renovations of physical environment, and the education  of  all  personnel  involved  the  desired  0% population  level   can   be   reached   and   maintained.  With our methods, rats are unaware of the process that is killing them.

Rat Damage to Styrofoam


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