Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies (PMC)

PMC’s are under pressure to provide superior services to the occupants, while reducing the cost of services for the owners.  The ideal situation is where and when Rodent Killers (RK) furnishes the location with, "Solid Solutions" and where the elimination process continues to last past the PMC's expected date for re-application.  RK, through its Rat and Mice Elimination Programs are platforms to perform such a task.

Choose Rodent Elimination Over Rodent Control 

Rodent Elimination offers more service that lasts longer than Rodent Control which offers less service over a longer period of time.

Upon the completion of the Rodent Elimination Program, a written six (6) month written guarantee is provided.

Rodent Elimination vs Rodent control aspect of service allows Property Management Companies (PMC's) to drastically reduce it's cost over duplicate amounts of time as compared to routine monthly maintenance costs.


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